We should do everything in our power to prevent Martial Law in the United States of America.

Here are five reasons why Martial Law will destroy 'US'.

  1. Unlike the American Revolution, not enough US citizens are capable or willing to fight to take-over or rebuild our nation. In the revolution where the balance of power between all the sides was not to far imbalanced like it would be today with US citizens turning in their guns, not having more than a week or two of resources. The opposing forces have massive high tech military hardware, jets, intelligence, drones, and years of supplies in stockpiles.
  2. At the onset of martial law, all industry, business, and supplies are taken under military control. With the average American having less than 2 weeks of supplies, this causes a massive strain on the supply chain making it difficult to get basic needs to survive. Without food, water, electricity, or heat, Americans get restless really fast and start causing riots and other hostile actions that further destroys the supply chain. For some odd reason, rioters and mob mentality like to loot and destroy everything around them which only serves to raise the costs of everything and difficulty in rebuilding.
  3. With martial law and the disruption of business and industry; the American economy which is already fragile as it is, will come crashing down harder than we've ever seen before. Unlike the revolution where the economy was based on industry, laborers, housing, metals, and factory production, our current economy is based on a fictitious monetary holdings kept in balance by foreign trade, work economy trends, and politics. Martial law will cause the American dollar to crash and with that our economy will be irreparably damaged putting America into the status of a 3rd world country for dozens of years or more. It's happened before in recent times when the U.S.S.R.s economy crashed and they were not even considered a major world player for many years.
  4. With the onset of Martial Law, the already delicate balance of power in the world will shift as countries like China, Russia, North Korea, Iran, etc will make inroads to try and push out any remaining American power from their spheres of influence. Some might say this is a good thing because they claim the USA oversteps its bounds anyway. However; that is far from the case. We are a secure nation because of our Military might and willingness to project that power. It's no different than the schools we all grow up in, there is always at least one bully. If the USA wasn't that bully floating around the worlds oceans ready to punch someone in the nose or bomb some terrorists, that position would be taken up by any number of other countries, the majority of which are communist countries. I don't know if a communist country would be able to be that bully better than the USA or not, but I for one don't want to find out.
  5. With Martial Law, the potential for large scale battles and sever destruction of industry will only further push the USA out of any hope to compete with the tech industry, industrial, or otherwise. So much so, that after it is all over, the months or years that pass without a decent functioning industry or economy would mean the USA would be playing catch-up to all the other countries and our once great nation will just be the laughing stock of the world for generations.

What we need is a peaceful revolution. One in which the US citizens don't just argue on Facebook about what is wrong with our country but actually take action. File petitions, encourage their friends to run for different branches of government or become judges. Learn about our laws, and actually take a stand and encourage our local government to give us back our freedoms. To stop suing each other and calling the Police over petty differences and to start reporting real crime. Fight to keep our prisons from becoming a source of income for private companies that just want to make criminals of all of you so they can make money by locking you up for petty reasons. 

We need to do away with this two party democratic shenanigans and just have elections for people who have the values we desire to elect and not based on one faction or another, just real issues, and real solutions. We need to file anti-trusts against the media and start hiring real journalists who are passionate about finding out the truth of whats going on and report on that, not report on ratings.

We also all need to learn to keep our mouths shut unless we actually know what we are talking about. Just because you heard something on the radio, on the TV, or from one of your friends Facebook posts, does not mean you are now knowledgeable about that subject. Do some real research, try to find conflicting view points, analyze the results, and try to determine which are most biased, and finally make a judgement call on what you think the truth really is. Then discuss it in a calm and rational matter, while listening to the view points of others before forcing your own beliefs or knowledge down their throats. If you can have a rational conversation about what you know while hearing what others have to say, you may not have a final result but you've must made it much further than most conversations that just result in getting Unfriended and left with heated emotions and lack of anything useful accomplished.

I think the USA still has a lot of hope. It won't even take all of us to fix the problem. Just a small fraction of us can set some good changes in motion, I have seen it time and time again over the last few years as I have been making efforts to help our country become great once again.